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Coronavirus Prayer 3 : 29 March 2020

Let us pray…

We turn to
you, our Father, for we need your help.

Lord Jesus, as you have promised, be with us,
whatever lies ahead,

Strengthen us, Holy Spirit, as we face this

We pray for
our world and our country,

as coronavirus threatens our lives and our
livelihood, leaving many in lockdown,

while key and essential workers continue,
despite the risk.

We pray for
government leaders at Westminster and Holyrood,

responding to medical and scientific advice,

making tough decisions for the wellbeing of

We pray for
all who serve on the frontline in the NHS and in social care;

facing increasing demands, overstretched

and distressing human need.

Bless and be
near to those who are ill, for folks
known to us and those across our communities facing challenging times, assure those who are alone and afraid with a quiet sense of your
comforting presence and peace. Bring inward strength and fresh creativity to those
exhausted looking after their family, bring compassion to those worried for the
vulnerable and provision to those
fearful for their finances.

Thank you
for those who have returned from retirement to help,

or joined the volunteer army.

Thank you for those working:

to manufacture needed resources,

to find a vaccine,

to keep in contact with the isolated,

to encourage others at this time.

Have mercy on
us, O Lord.

Give us faith, hope and love and hear our

in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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