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ECO BLOG- part 2

Living Lent 2019 – Blog post two

I’m writing this on Easter Sunday – so my ‘Single Use Plastic Free’ challenge over Lent has just come to an end. How did I do?

I THINK I avoided all plastics when shopping – but this needed careful planning and thought about what I could and couldn’t buy. I continued to take containers for my weekly Tesco shop – and this will become my regular shopping habit now. I would ask you ALL to do this – they have a huge sign saying you can do this, but not many people do. In around week 4 I was told when buying my meat that they hadn’t had anyone do this since I was there the previous time. That’s not good and we could all make this simple change.

I went to another ‘refill’ shop in Edinburgh - the Eco larder which had a larger range than Dunfermline including refill shampoos as well as food. There are lots of these shops now opening locally. Come along to the ‘Big Green Coffee Morning’ on 25thMay and there will be information about them all available!

I continued to make bread, yoghurt, granola etc, and will continue to do this as much as I can going forwards – yes, I’m not going to change too much now that Lent is over! A few people have asked me about milk – but that’s a change I didn’t have to make as we already had a twice weekly delivery in glass bottles.

I have been on holiday, and that proved a little more difficult. The first day I ordered a water in a restaurant, it came in a plastic bottle. However, I then saved the bottle and reused this for the whole holiday – so making it not quite single use! Other than this – hopefully not too bad with the main problem coming with bread in tapas bars often coming in plastic bags. Hotel bathroom shampoo also an issue – but we used the same bottle as much as we could. I should have packed my shampoo bar – a lapse in memory when packing rather than anything else!

Overall, I felt it was challenging at first, but then the changes started to become new habits – that hopefully I’ll stick to. The real difference will be if I can persuade others to join me – even a few small changes will make a difference if enough people do them!

And the answer to the breakfast cereal question in the last blog? Shredded wheat and porridge oats!


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