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Golf at QPC.

The banner on the extreme end of the string on the pulpit side of the

church represents those of us in the congregation who golf together.
QPC is formally represented every year when one or more teams are
entered into the QCCC Golf day to compete for the John Carrie Salfer
where we have enjoyed success on a number of occasions. More commonly
we are to be found sharing fun, fellowship and frustration on the
fairways, and frequently the rough, bunkers, burns, and gorse as well.
The banner is designed to remind us that in our Christian life as on
the golf course we aim for target in the perfection of the green drawn
to the distant flag as we are drawn to the Cross of Jesus. The banner
also reminds us that on the golf course as in our lives there are a
range of hazards but if we avoid them or overcome them we will find
peace. We hope for the peace of Heaven but in the meantime temporarily
make do with the 19th hole. All welcome.”


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