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Living Lent 2019

This year, the Church of Scotland is supporting the Living Lent initiative. https://www.churchofscotland.org.uk/news_and_events/news/2019/my_living_lent_rt_rev_susan_brown

– you may have seen this promoted in Queensferry Parish Church at the start of Lent asking you to consider one of 6 challenges during Lent.

As the Eco congregation lead in QPC it really wasn’t a question of if I should sign up over Lent – it was more about which challenge should I do! As one of the main issues we are promoting in QPC is reducing the amount of single use plastic in the church, I decided that this would be the challenge for me!

As we’ve just hit Day 21 of my Living Lent challenge, then I think it’s about time I reported on how I was getting on. And if you are doing one of the challenges as well – please let us know so we can record this as part of our Eco Congregation work!

There is information about the challenge here https://livinglent.org/what-could-i-do/single-use-plastics but basically its as simple as not buying or using anything made of or packaged in single use plastic over Lent. Well – simple to say but not simple to do!

Over the first 21 days I’ve changed my buying habits quite a lot and am certainly scrutinising everything I buy for plastic!

So – my thoughts and actions so far!

•There is SO MUCH unnecessary plastic packaging in the supermarkets!

•Why can you buy loose broccoli in Tesco, but not cauliflower…

•There are only two breakfast cereal items in Tesco without plastic packaging – can you guess what they are! (answer in next blog post!)

•You can bring your own container to the fish, butchers and deli counters in Tesco (and Scotmid too!) and they are very happy for you to use it.

•Self scanning in Tesco means you can put all your fruit and veg directly in your own bags.

The changes I’ve had to make…

I’ve been making my own bread

I’ve been making my own yoghurt (in a slow cooker and it works a treat!) https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/slow-cooker-bio-yogurt

I’ve made my own granola

I’ve made my own corn tortillas

Basically – you find yourself making things you might have bought before, and actually they taste much better and fresher anyway!

I’ve found some there are some great shops where you can fill your own containers. I went to Happy Earth Place in Dunfermline but there are lots in Edinburgh too…

The ‘fails’ I’ve had…

I’ve not altered any of our magazine subscriptions and loads of these come in plastic wrappers. Full marks to the RSPB and Scottish Wildlife though as their magazines come in starch based compostable covers.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you Weetabix is in paper wrapping – they have a plastic film in the wrapping as well.

I’ve learnt that when you go to the rugby at Murrayfield and deliberately choose a drink in a can – they have to pour it into a plastic cup anyway!

I’ve broken my 40 year old Kenwood Chef with all the bread making – but it is probably due a service anyway!

So half way through and quite a few changes made! How will the rest of Lent go…


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