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Calculate your environmental footprint   See: Eco-Congregation   Wed 24th Oct

On Sunday 28th October, as part of the services series on Creation, David challenged us all to think about our environmental footprint - not just as a congregation but as individuals. 

Thinking about your environmental footprint is more than just not using plastic bags (but have you got your QPC Ego bag yet!) You need to think about your whole lifestyle and the simple changes you can make. 

How do you go about looking at this? This web based questionnaire is a good place to start - https://footprint.wwf.org.uk/

It's quick and simple and gives you tips when you have finished about how to make changes to reduce your environmental impact. 

When you have completed it, it gives you a percentage for your carbon footprint and your carbon emissions. Why not add your score to the tally sheet on the Eco noticeboard in the St Andrews hall and we can see what our congregations overall impact is!