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Christian Aid and COP26   See: Christian Aid   Thu 14th Oct

As the Young Christian Climate Network, supported by Christian Aid, continue their journey to Glasgow where COP26 will be held in November, Queensferry Parish Church has risen to the moment. YCCN are carrying the boat they made to represent their journey for climate justice. This is a journey of action and prayer, with the hope of sailing to a more just future. Queensferry Parish Church organisations such as the Girls’ and Boys’ Brigades, the Guild and the Children’s Ministry are busy making boats to display in the Church and show their solidarity with Christian Aid’s call for climate justice to be upheld at the crucial COP 26 conference.
Sir Patrick Vallance has recently said he is on a mission to promote science being given equal importance to economics when Governments make decisions. The reports just released on the Governments handling of the pandemic stated that it was the worst public health failure in years because of delays in action that cost thousands of lives. Let us hope that at COP26 the decision makers listen to the science and don’t put off the actions needed right now to reduce climate warming.