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For a time such as this ...... Fri 3rd Apr

As we drew to a close on week two of our ‘live streaming’ event from the Sanctuary at QPC we joined together in a closing blessing with the words:


As a community we have gathered with you Lord today

From North and South and East and West

Together united and each of us Blessed.

We rise now to go to our separate tasks

And pray now a blessing on all we ask:

Lord send down your presence on family and friend,

on stranger and parted; on those we depend.

Creator, redeemer, companion and friend,

Be with us, each other, until journey’s end.

Have to say it was quite moving sensing that our voices were united as we shared this together. A powerful reminder that though we cannot be physically together in the one place there is a higher presence that unites and binds us all together.

By now you will I hope be familiar with access to last Sunday’s event found here at http://www.qpcweb.org/replay

This Sunday morning at 10.30am Rev Ann Inglis will be leading in conjunction with some of her family who have come up from down south to create a household unit during this season.

Tune in at our link here: http://www.qpcweb.org/live