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Guardians of Ancora - Treasure Seekers

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Following the success of last year’s holiday club, Guardians of Ancorawe are excited to bring you the sequel:

Guardians of Ancora – Treasure Seekers!

Monday 31st July  to Friday 4th August 2017

Queensferry Parish Church

10am - 12.30pm

£5 per child (£10 per sibling group) for the week


Register by downloading and completing the Registration form and emailing it to childrenyouth@qpcweb.org

Registration form (Word) |  Registration form (pdf)

Treasure Seekers

Is a story-based saga for primary aged children;

learn from the elders, seek the missing bible story

treasures, sing songs, create

craft, munch on victuals...



Treasure Seekers is brought to you by Queensferry Parish Church of Scotland SC002329,

Dalmeny Parish Church of Scotland SC010971, Priory Church of St Mary of Mount Carmel SC002169, registered Scottish charities