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The Church of Scotland

The vision of The Church of Scotland is to be a church which seeks to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving communities.

The Church of Scotland is one of the largest organisations in the country. It has over 400,000 members. Around 800 ministers serve in parishes and chaplaincies. Most parishes are in Scotland, but there are also congregations in England, Europe and overseas.

The Church of Scotland works with communities worldwide. It is one of the largest organisations in Scotland and has a pivotal role in Scottish society and indeed in religion throughout the world.

Presbyterian Government

The Church of Scotland’s governing system is presbyterian which means that no one person or group within the Church has more influence or say than any other. The Church does not have one person who acts as the head of faith, as that role is the Lord God’s. Its supreme rule of faith and life is through the teachings of the Bible.

At the local parish level, the place where leadership and pastoral care is exercised is through the Kirk Session. Kirk Sessions oversee the local congregation and its parish, and consist of elders presided over by a minister.

At district level, leadership is exercised through Presbyteries and they consist of all the ministers in the district and an equal number of elders, along with members of the diaconate (a form of ordained ministry, usually working in a complementary role in a ministry team). There are 46 presbyteries across Scotland, England, Europe and Jerusalem. Queensferry Parish Church belongs to the Presbytery of Edinburgh.

At a national level, it is the General Assembly that oversees all other matters of the life of the church meeting annually in May. The General Assembly consists of around 400 ministers, 400 elders, and members of the diaconate, all representing the different presbyteries.

Linked Charge

Back in 2007 our congregation was linked with the congregation of Dalmeny Kirk and since then we have sought to work closely together in sharing our gifts and supporting one another in the challenges of Ministry across our town and village. As well as our elders working together in the variety of teams that cover the churches work we also share our Ministers and Mission Coordinator.