Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

Church membership at Dalmeny Kirk and Queensferry Parish Church Fri 23rd Apr

We are planning to run a short course for anybody who might be interested in becoming a Church member. This will be open to anybody who wants to find out about Christian faith and belief and about the Church of Scotland and our congregations of Dalmeny and Queensferry. There will be 4 sessions each of which will last for about 1 hour. I haven’t fixed dates and times because I want to find what would suit people best. No decision has yet been made about whether the group will be in person or online. Attendance at the sessions does not commit anyone to becoming a Church member, but for those who decide it is the right step for them there will be a short session to go over the membership service and that service will take place on Pentecost Sunday – 23rd May.

If you are interested in being part of this exploration of faith and Church – or if you know someone who might be interested - then either contact the Church Office on office@qpcweb.org or contact me directly: Ann Inglis (Associate Minister at Dalmeny and Queensferry) on 0131 629 0233 or revainglis@gmail.com for further information.