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Healing Ministry

The Healing Ministry is a gentle, loving, compassionate Ministry which includes the laying on of hands. It follows the command that Jesus gives his disciples (Mathew 10) when He sent them out to heal all kinds of sickness and disease and again, in James 5:14, when we are given the instruction if anyone is ill to send for Church. Elders will pray for them in the name of Jesus.

In 1940 -1950, a group of Glasgow ministers introduced Healing Ministry into their Parishes. The movement spread all over Scotland and by 1980 -2000 the Ministry was seen as part of the work and witness of a congregation.

The International Healing Rooms Scotland came into being and in 2005 the Healing on the Streets (which came from Coleraine in Ireland) came to Edinburgh. Many healings were seen during that time.

Today Light and Life who are based in Glasgow, minister in various places and see all kinds of healing and witness people who accept Jesus into their lives who have never known His love. God’s promise to heal is as true today as it was in the 1st Century A.D. God can use anyone who has a desire in their heart to reach out to others, for we are channels of God’s grace and healing Holy Spirit for the Glory goes to God.

More information about healing ministry in the Church of Scotland can be found at


The Power of Prayer

At Queensferry & Dalmeny Parish churches we are developing an active prayer ministry. Prayer can be personal just to you or it can be communal, as when we pray in worship.

To facilitate personal prayers we have a group known as the Prayer Circle who pray at home on their own and in confidence for people in our church or community who are in need of prayer. They also like to give thanks for special events like births and marriages.Prayer Request cards are available in the pews and there is a link here also. Prayer request button which opens a form;

Our home groups also hold a time of prayer each time they meet.

We open and close our business meetings with prayer asking God to help us work together for the good of the church and community.

We hold days of prayer and meditation twice a year when we offer a series of prayer stations to help us pray through a theme.

We support national and international prayer events like “Thy Kingdom Come,” “Together we Pray,” “Try Praying”.

We encourage Daily Bible Reading which in its turn helps us to pray. Links to SU, BRF, CWR

For those who are into technology we can recommend several apps which members of the congregation are currently using. Prayer Mate, You Version Bible App and we have a link to Queensferry Prayer on Facebook. The latter helps us to draw wider and deeper as we pray for groups, organisations and countries, not only the UK, but throughout the world.

Prayer diaries are available from many organisations and the Church of Scotland Social Care department CrossReach supplies us with their calendar each quarter. Available in the vestibule.

Listening Prayer

Find a comfy seat, sit down and relax.

Try to clear your mind of all the worries and concerns you have.
Listen for the voice of God speaking to you.

I hear you ask- How do I stop myself falling asleep?

Sometimes it helps to focus on something, perhaps a lighted candle, or a flower.
You might want to open your bible and read a passage and listen for God speaking to you through that passage.

There is no right or wrong way, we each pray in a different way but God is still listening.

If you would like to get involved in any of our activities please contact our prayer promoter Wendy at prayer @qpcweb.org or phone the church office 0131 331 1100

Prayers in the Bible

We are encouraged by Jesus to Pray at all times.

The most well-known prayer is The Lord’s Prayer

The Magnificat Mary’s Song of praise is likewise a prayer.

Suggested reading about prayer and books of prayers.

Prayer – A beginner’s guide by Jane Holloway

- An easy to read guide in which Jane Holloway covers the importance of prayer

Food for Prayer (Tempting ideas for daily nourishment) by Claire Benton-Evans

- Claire Benton-Evans has brought together a very helpful collection of brief readings and prayers, one for every day of the year

Browse through the reviews for other titles that might suit your taste

Prayer links

You might find some of these sites useful sources of prayer material and ideas for prayer.