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Harvest Banners

These banners were designed and made by a group of young people, mainly from secondary school, with support and encouragement from several adults. The group met twice a week during the summer holidays.

The theme “Seedtime and Harvest” was chosen along with suitable, relevant biblical texts.

Each morning session began with a quiet time when the thoughts of the group were focused towards a particular text. The banners were discussed and their final design was often only finalised when our thoughts and ideas were well established.

Spring rains water the earth;

Hosea 6 v 3

Celebrate the harvest festival;

Exodus 23 v 6

I thank God for my food;

1 Corinthians 10 v 30

I am going fishing;

John 21 v 3

A healthy tree bears good fruit;

Matthew 7 v 17

Bread made from new corn;

Numbers 15 v 20

To everything there is a season;

Ecclesiastes 3 v 1

The earth is ripe for the harvest;

Revelation 14 v 15