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The Power of Prayer

A special prayer for us in lock-down written by Rev Ellen Larson-Davidson

My prayer that Peace may be with you:

Peace be with you, my friends, though the road is unknown.

Peace be with you in the dips and rises, the valleys and mountaintops.

Peace be with you when rain pelts your face and stings your eyes.

Peace be with you when the sun warms your face and
sweat drips down your neck.

Peace be with you in the loneliness of isolation
and the comfort of reaching out to others.

Peace be with you when you are at your wits end and
want to give up.

Peace be with you as you wander the paths, again,
wondering what friends in far-away places are doing.

Peace be with you as your workload increases and
wearies you. Peace be with you when there is no work and money is tight.

Peace be with you in your sadness and grief of all
that has been lost and will never be again.

Peace be with you in your little joys and simple

Peace be with you when you hear the church bells
ring, even if just a recording.

Peace be with you as you strain from your window to
hear the clapping and music of community coming together in challenging times
to honour and celebrate hard work and dedication.

Peace be with you when you doubt like Thomas, fear
like Peter, weep like Mary, wonder like John, toil like Martha, and hide like
the disciples.

Peace be with you when you are fully and wholly who
God calls you to be as YOU are!

Peace be with YOU!

May the blessing of God, Creator, Redeemer and
Sustainer – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, dwell richly in your heart and life
this moment and all the moments of your life that you too may offer the world
God’s peace, hope and love in Jesus’ name. AMEN

- Ellen Larson Davidson, April 2020

The Power of Prayer

At Queensferry & Dalmeny Parish churches we are developing an active prayer ministry.

Prayer can be personal just to you or it can be communal, as when we pray in worship.

To facilitate personal prayers we have a group known as the Prayer Circle who pray at home on their own and in confidence for people in our church or community who are in need of prayer.

They also like to give thanks for special events like births and marriages.

Prayer Request cards are available in the pews, or click here to email a request for a prayer.

Our home groups also hold a time of prayer each time they meet.

We open and close our business meetings with prayer asking God to help us work together for the good of the church and community.

We hold days of prayer and meditation twice a year when we offer a series of prayer stations to help us pray through a theme.

We support national and international prayer events like “Thy Kingdom Come,” “Together we Pray,” “Try Praying”.

We encourage Daily Bible Reading which in its turn helps us to pray.

Look up the resources available at Scripture Union - Bible Reading Fellowship - Crusade for World Revival

For those who are into technology we can recommend several apps which members of the congregation are currently using. Prayer Mate, and You Version Bible App where you can access a copy of your favourite version of the Bible and have it with you at all times.

Prayer diaries are available from many organisations and the Church of Scotland Social Care department CrossReach supplies us with their calendar each year. Available in the vestibule.

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