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Millenium Banners

Throughout the summer of 1999 a group of thirty-two banner makers, aged 6 to 60+ designed and created a set of ten banners. Three different themes were chosen and we hope they will stimulate your thoughts and encourage your faith as we journey through the first century of the new millennium.

Theme one. God was pleased - God is pleased.

Nationally, members of the Guild were given a challenge to make a Millennium banner for their church. Each area was given a specific book of the Bible from which to select a text. Ours was Genesis, which we read from end to end. We selected the text “And God was pleased with what He saw”; Genesis 1 v 10

Having selected a text we chose to complement the banner with another, using a New Testament verse and a linking word of ‘pleased’. The text of the second banner was “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”; Matthew 3:17

The same symbols are used on both banners:
The star of creation; Christ is the morning star; the Bethlehem star.
The dove representing the creation of creatures; the first covenant made by God with Noah; peace; baptism/Holy Spirit. Creation of earth, sea and sky - look at the colours! The empty cross representing the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Theme two. Journey to the Millennium.

These banners were made by children aged 6 to 14 years and combine signs and verses all chosen by the children to complement each other. Their own drawings fill the triangles, similar to those depicted in the highway code. Can you think of other signs they might have used? What can assist us to travel safely along a tarmac road? We suggest reading the road signs and responding to them. What can assist us as we travel on our life’s journey? We suggest reading verses from the Bible and responding to them.

Prepare a highway, clear it of stones; Isaiah 2 v 10
He guides me in the right paths; Psalms 23 v 3
I shall march, march on with strength; Judges 5 v 21
Build the road and make it ready; Isaiah 5 v 14

Theme three. 1997 Year of Faith, 1998 Year of Hope, 1999 Year of Love, 2000 Year of Jubilee.

In August 1998, members of the banner group selected the above theme for their 1999 banners. The chosen core text from Leviticus 25 v 9 & 10”...send a man to blow a trumpet throughout the whole land…proclaim freedom to all the inhabitants of the land” stimulated the idea of illustrations linked with music and listening. The National Bible Society of Scotland gave us permission to use the logo of the Good News Bible - in the four corners of the world people read and listen to the word of God.

The selection of fabrics used on these banners was specially selected to complement the texts. We used green to show that the world is a pleasant place, full of harmony. However, a green person? Is this an eco warrior - or someone from Mars? The butterflies depict hope through the resurrection and are even musical.

Faith comes by hearing the message; Roman 10 v 17
I will put my hope in God, I will praise Him; Psalms 42 v 5
Every morning i will sing aloud of your constant love; Psalms 59 v 16
Blow a trumpet Proclaim freedom to all; Leviticus 25 v 9-10