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Growing Wider.. Deeper.. Closer..

The 2020 vision for Queensferry Parish Church is that we would like to Grow Wider, Deeper, Closer and become:

A welcoming worshipping church which uses the gifts of its people to reach out, serve and engage with different parts of the communities in which we are involved.


Growing Wider

This is about reaching out to our community with a view to meeting real needs, both practical and spiritual:

  • Amongst children and young people.
  • Amongst people and to parts we have no connection with at the moment.

Growing Deeper

This concerns our spiritual life.

It’s about developing the faith of:

  • Those already connected to the church in some way - its members, associates and affiliated groups.
  • It’s about everyone going deeper on their journey of faith both through what they know and what they do.

Growing Closer

This goal hopefully helps us get to know some of the folks in our church family. In a large congregation it is easy to come and go and not get beyond the, “Good morning, how are you” stage. Hopefully through such a goal we can all grow closer together.