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Property, Premises & Environmental (PPE) Support Team


  • Maintain and develop the church property assets.
  • Maintain property in a good condition, in line with Church of Scotland best practice.
  • Prepare and carry out a rolling maintenance programme, submitting and agreeing an annual and five-year budget.
  • In conjunction with the Forum, to ensure that premises are available to carry out the aims of QPC.
  • Administer the use of church premises and, when not required for our own purposes, aim to have the premises used by suitable groups on a reduced fee or commercial basis as appropriate.

Specific Areas:

  • Ensure that repairs are attended to promptly and economically.
  • Ensure the premises are secure.
  • Maintain statutory requirements e.g. insurance, Fire evacuation procedures and Health & Safety.
  • Manage the hall lettings programme.

How to get involved:

If you’d like to be join the PPE Team, email us.

Team Leader:

David Rutherford; send email