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What to Expect

When you arrive at Church on Sunday morning, wearing whatever you are comfortable in, you will be welcomed at the door by what we hope is a friendly face, or two! At both services you are welcome to sit anywhere. No seats are reserved or booked.

If you arrive early for the 10am service, the worship group praise band will probably still be rehearsing through the songs for that service. Both praise band and organ feature accompanying praise at the 10am service. At the 11.30 service, hymns are typically accompanied by organ only.

At both services, weekly notices will be shown on screens before the service. Paper copies of these can be uplifted on the way in or out. Should you prefer to receive these electronically then simply sign up for Weekly notices on the homepage of this website and they will automatically be emailed to you week by week. Alternatively, email the church office requesting to be added to the distribution list.

On your way through the entrance area at our 10.00 service there is an opportunity to leave an offering on one of the large collection plates. No hymn books will be offered to you as the words for the songs and hymns will be on the large screens. Families with children of all ages are welcome at the 10am come-and-go service. And feel free to go in and out with your children. Children aged 3 and older leave part way through the service for their own learning activities, and there is a crèche from around 10.15am in the coffee lounge for younger children.

At our 11.30 service, you will be offered a hymn book on the way in and this time the offering will be taken during the service. Many people find it more convenient to give via standing order and so don’t be surprised if you notice that many just pass the offering bag along without placing anything in it.

Once inside, find a seat, say hello and before you know it the service will begin. We stand to sing and as the service unfolds a variety of people will be taking part. In addition to our Ministry team, folks will read the Bible, bring down the offering plates, sing a choir piece, play instruments, etc. During the service we may invite the congregation to join together in the saying of the Lord’s prayer. And the version we use is normally put up on the screen. Feel free to pray however in the version and language you are most comfortable with – it is after all a prayer to God and not to one another :-)

On the pews you’ll find both a copy of the Bible that will be read from during the service and a little card that invites you to share any prayer requests you may have and any pastoral matters you would like to bring to our attention. These cards can either be handed to someone at the door on the way out or placed in the ‘Prayer request‘ box on the window ledge in the entrance area.

Tea and coffee are served after the 10.00 service and should you wish to come early before the 11.30 to have a cuppa and chat, you are more than welcome.