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Coronavirus Prayer 4 : 5th April 2020

A prayer for this time

Living God, for the precious gift of life that you have given to us,

We give you thanks.

For the enduring presence of your love in this world,

We give you thanks.

For the knowledge that you are with us at the start and the close of the day,

We give you thanks.

On this day, we hear the Gospel words that speak of hope,

We hear the cry: Hosanna!

We hear the...

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Coronavirus Prayer 3 : 29 March 2020

Let us pray…

We turn to
you, our Father, for we need your help.

Lord Jesus, as you have promised, be with us,
whatever lies ahead,

Strengthen us, Holy Spirit, as we face this

We pray for
our world and our country,

as coronavirus threatens our lives and our
livelihood, leaving many in lockdown,

while key and essential workers continue,

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Latest News from the Minister of Dalmeny & Queensferry Parish Churches

I almost hesitate to set out for you today the situation we are at in our response to the impact of the Coronavirus as almost on a daily basis - the ‘goalposts’ just keep moving.

But, if you’re sitting comfortably, I will on this the 25 March 2020.

How are you and yours? I trust you are all as well as and coming to terms with the shifting seas that we find ourselves...

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In Times of Danger and of Doubt

Recently one of our members , Rev. Graham Leitch, wrote the following hymn to be sung to the tune ‘Repton’:


In times of danger and of doubt,

when trials multiply,

Lord calm our fears and still our souls,

remind us of your truths of old -

Help us on You rely,

Help us on You rely.


When changing our familiar ways

Help us adapt to change;

Lord, give us persevering...

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Coronavirus Prayer : 22nd March 2020

Coronavirus Prayer 2 : 22 March 2020

Following a call to prayer at 7.00pm on 22 March from many of the churches across our land this prayer was inspired by the one we were invited to pray together.

Lets us pray :

For all that is good in life, for our many blessings, which, at a time and season such as this come in to sharp focus and renewed appreciation.

Lord we thank you for our...

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Coronavirus Task Group

A daily meeting of the Church of Scotland Coronavirus Task Group has been taking place since the beginning of last week and they continue to advise us of the appropriate level of response to the variety of situations we find ourselves in.

To compliment this locally, across all our congregations, a local reference group comprising our Session Clerks, the QPC Admin team leader, Ernest...

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Our new session clerk and her team.

My name is Nara Nisbet. I moved to South Queensferry with my husband Paul when I was expecting our first child in 1991. We joined Queensferry Parish Church enthused by the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. We soon became involved in leading a teenage group within the Church and then I co-ordinated the Youth Fellowship. I have an interest in...

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ECO BLOG- part 2

Living Lent 2019 – Blog post two

I’m writing this on Easter Sunday – so my ‘Single Use Plastic Free’ challenge over Lent has just come to an end. How did I do?

I THINK I avoided all plastics when shopping – but this needed careful planning and thought about what I could and couldn’t buy. I continued to take containers for my weekly Tesco shop – and this will become my...

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Golf at QPC.

The banner on the extreme end of the string on the pulpit side of the

church represents those of us in the congregation who golf together.
QPC is formally represented every year when one or more teams are
entered into the QCCC Golf day to compete for the John Carrie Salfer
where we have enjoyed success on a number of occasions. More commonly
we are to be found sharing fun, fellowship...

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