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Baptism, Thanksgiving & Blessings

Within the Church of Scotland a number of special services are available to celebrate the days of new beginnings on our faith journey. As has been the practice from the early days of the Christian church a service of baptism is offered at which either an individual or parents of younger children publically affirm the faith they or their children are to be baptised into. Thereafter, before the gathered congregation, the Minister will baptise with water and then welcome the individual into the life of the congregation. In the life of our congregation we follow the practice and tradition of the Church of Scotland in that, where it is a child who is being baptised, at least one of the parents must be a member of the church. In recent years the Church of Scotland has introduced an option for one of the child’s grandparents to take the appropriate vows and promises on behalf of their grandchild.

We also follow the custom within the church that when it is an individual requesting baptism they can be baptised with either a little water either poured or sprinkled or through full immersion. In recent years such services have been held down at the harbour in South Queensferry and at the local swimming pool.

Should it be that neither of the parents are members nor have a desire to come into membership of the church an alternative service is offered called a ‘Thanksgiving and Blessing’ ceremony. In this special celebration of the life of a child, the family gather during one of our Sunday morning services and a special prayer of thanksgiving is offered for the child followed by a blessing. Through this service the family are able to express to God their thanks and wonder at the gift of a new life and receive God’s blessing upon them. No vows or promises need be made by the parents, and should it be that at a later date they or their family wish to develop their faith journey by becoming part of the church family then baptism would be an option then.

The way to discover which of these options would best suit you or your family is to contact the minister and he will be more than happy to come and meet with you to explore the best way ahead.