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Healing Prayer Ministry

Healing Ministry

The Healing Ministry is a gentle, loving, compassionate Ministry

which includes the laying on of hands. It follows the command that Jesus

gives his disciples (Mathew 10) when He sent them out to heal all kinds

of sickness and disease and again, in James 5:14, when we are given the

instruction if anyone is ill to send for Church. Elders will pray for

them in the name of Jesus.

In 1940 -1950, a group of Glasgow ministers introduced Healing

Ministry into their Parishes. The movement spread all over Scotland and

by 1980 -2000 the Ministry was seen as part of the work and witness of a


The International Healing Rooms Scotland came into being and in 2005

the Healing on the Streets (which came from Coleraine in Ireland) came

to Edinburgh. Many healings were seen during that time.

Today Light and Life who are based in Glasgow, minister in various

places and see all kinds of healing and witness people who accept Jesus

into their lives who have never known His love. God’s promise to heal is

as true today as it was in the 1st Century A.D. God can use anyone who

has a desire in their heart to reach out to others, for we are channels

of God’s grace and healing Holy Spirit for the Glory goes to God.

More information about healing ministry in the Church of Scotland can be found here.

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