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Coronavirus Hymn

Recently one of our members , Rev. Graham Leitch, wrote the following hymn to be sung to the tune ‘Repton’:


In times of danger and of doubt,

when trials multiply,

Lord calm our fears and still our souls,

remind us of your truths of old -

Help us on You rely,

Help us on You rely.


When changing our familiar ways

Help us adapt to change;

Lord, give us persevering hearts,

a spirit fit to face the task

In comfort or in pain,

In comfort or in pain.


Help us to see our neighbour’s need,

our neighbour’s burden share,

to go for them that second mile,

to love and give and help and smile,

In self-denying care,

In self-denying care.


Lord Jesus, you have suffered more,

Your pain has known no end;

You healed the sick, reclaimed the lame,

In pity share the sufferer’s pain,

On you we now depend,

On you we now depend.


Graham Leitch


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