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Christian Aid

Christian Aid is an organisation sponsored by churches and groups worldwide which campaigns to end poverty and inequality and to bring justice, dignity and freedom to all.

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Rise Up Against Climate Change

Many of you may remember the Christian Aid campaign in 2017 that members of Queensferry Parish Church took part in called the Big Shift. A petition requesting that the RBS Bank stop funding coal powered plants world-wide and instead invest in clean energy and a letter to the CEO of the bank in St Andrew’s Square was handed in. Other Christian Aid campaigners handed similar documents in to Barclays, HSBC and Lloyds.

The good news is that the campaign was successful as 3 of the banks changed their investment plants radically.

However, HSBC is still investing in coal fired power stations in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Therefore, once again on behalf of Christian Aid, Janet Thomas and Lesley MacKenzie intend visiting the HSBC bank in Princes Street to present a letter and names we have collected to challenge the bank to make the ‘Big Shift’ to funding clean energy. We will be collecting names for our petition between the services at QPC. In addition, anyone who wishes to join us at the bank is most welcome.

Date - Wednesday 10thApril

Time – 3pm

Venue HSBC Bank - Princes Street

Christian Aid Week, the annual fund-raising week is from 12-18 May in 2019.

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Clean Energy PetitionHSBC Bank, Princes Street, EdinburghWednesday 10th April, 3pm
Christian Aid WeekSouth Queensferry12-18 May 2019

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Lesley Mackenzie
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