Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

During the week…... Thu 11th May

The Pastoral Assistants are part of our Church’s Pastoral Care Team, supporting the ministers by visiting those at home or in hospital in need of support. If you know of someone with particular needs at this time, please contact the church office (0131 331 1100) or individual Parish Assistants. Betsy Clarke (0131 331 2783), Anne Forsyth (0131 629 7833), Nigel Hutchison (0131 331 2996) Christine Kirkcaldy (07553 343018), Fiona MacLeod (07767625664).

Thursday Service - 9.30-10am. Contemplative service. Please join us in a short act of worship each Thursday Morning at 9.30am, the time of our current Mid-week service. The plan is that we will put on the website the text of the liturgy and insights that folks can download and read together at the same time as one another or you can join in our worship meeting by Zoom. Please contact the Church Office if you would like to take part in our Thursday morning worship this way.

Home Groups - mutual support in the walk of faith. For more information, please contact Bob Gemmell, Ian Forsyth or email: discipleship@qpcweb.org