Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

New office email address Thu 29th Feb

As you know we have recently switched over to our new email address office@dqpc.org. The following people have been given DQPC email addresses to try and help align everything.

Aileen McFarlane - aileen@dqpc.org

Rev Derek Munn - derek@dqpc.org

Rob Kernohan - treasurer@dqpc.org

Lindsey D’Onofrio - lindsey@dqpc.org

Martin Corbett - martin@dqpc.org

Nara Nisbet - nara@dqpc.org

Ernest Beattie - Ernest@dqpc.org

Charlotte Davie - office@dqpc.org

David Rutherford - property@dqpc.org

Rev Ann Inglis can still be reached on her normal email address revainglis@gmail.com

There are also role email addresses which will be shared more widely on comms and the website for more external use.