Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

Prayer Boats for COP 26 Thu 14th Oct

As part of a shared Christian Aid and Eco Congregation COP 26 initiative we are inviting individuals and groups in QPC to make paper boats! Christian Aid together with the Young Christian Climate Network are taking part in ‘Rise to the Moment’ with young people from around the country taking part in a relay to Glasgow that started in Cornwall following the G7 summit. As part of this they are asking people to make prayer boats and we would like to invite you to write a prayer in an A4 or A5 piece of paper and fold this into an origami boat which we will then display in church.

Once your boats are made there is a box in the church for you to put your boats into, so that they can be left for a period of time before they are displayed. Please put your boats into the box ahead of Sunday 24th October or post them in a clearly labelled envelope through the glass door at church.

The information and instructions are on the church website – go to https://www.qpcweb.org/organisations/ecocongregation