Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

Inherit the Earth Photo Exhibition Mon 21st May

We are delighted to show this exhibition as part of our BIG GREEN coffee morning, and on Sunday 27th after both services.  AND also ALL WEEK, during Hillstop.

The exhibition tells the story of three supporters and their journey to see the work Christian Aid is carrying out in South America’s poorest country.

Christian Aid has worked in the Amazon for 20 years helping indigenous people threatened not only by logging, mineral extraction, road building and beef farming, but also by climate change with severe flooding affecting many communities.

The images show how Christian Aid projects help communities become more resilient to flooding, planting wild cocoa to help safeguard the rainforest and opening access to markets to facilitate trade.

The sheer majesty of creation, where the unimaginable wealth of diversity sits side by side with appalling devastation caused by man’s short-sighted greed. The rainforest evokes very powerful, deep emotions in all of us.