Queensferry Parish Church

QPC Notices

For our younger members ..... Fri 3rd Apr

Now that we have launched our live-streaming event on Sunday Mornings and have managed to get much of the ‘housekeeping’ stuff out of the road – we hope each week to have a moment for the kids to focus in on after which the resources being produced by Jill and our Children’s Ministry Team can be engaged with. If you would like such resources sent out just email the church office and they’ll arrive in your inbox germ free! office@qpcweb.org

Did you manage to tune in to last Monday’s Fischy music home assembly? Every Monday at 11.00am – join in by going via this link (or copy it into your browser).


This will also take you to what Fischy can offer for parents and carers and also children. Here you will find details of their resources such as their website for children called FischyTunes and how to listen to them on Spotify.