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The work of our Kirk Session and of our Congregational Board is taken forward via nine action-oriented Teams. The leaders of these nine Teams meet together regularly as the Forum, pictured below as a round table. This is where Team Leaders share visions, plans and budgets. There are 5 Ministry Teams and 4 Support Teams. As the titles suggest, the Support Teams provide support of different kinds to the work of the Ministry Teams.

There are opportunities to become involved in any of these Teams, see the “How to get involved” section within each Team description or email the session clerk. Not sure what your gifts are and where you might best contribute? Click here.

What’s the difference between a Team and a Committee? 

  • Committees talk about doing things, Teams actually get things done.
  • Committees seek to hear every voice, Teams seek to become one voice.
  • Committees share their opinions, Teams share their lives.
  • Committees have a chairman, Teams have a coach-leader-facilitator.
  • Committees take notes, Teams measure results.
  • Committees talk about issues, Teams strategize for results.
  • Committees vegetate, Teams collaborate.

The Kirk Session is the policy maker and final decision-making body responsible for moving the vision forward via five new Ministry Teams.

The Congregational Board is responsible for the practical arrangements of the congregation as shaped by the Church of Scotland ensuring legal and statutory requirements are met via four Support Teams.

What are the areas of responsibility of each Team?

Worship Ministry Team

Pastoral Ministry Team

Children's and Youth Ministry Team

Community Ministry Team

Discipleship Ministry Team

Communications Support Team

Property, Premises & Environment (PPE) Support Team

Finance Support Team

Administration Support Team